Natural Remedies for Epilepsy: Could Medical Marijuana Help?

There’s mounting evidence marijuana is among the most effective natural remedies for epilepsy. This is particularly true with severe and difficult cases.

Marijuana treatment for epilepsy can be as effective as mainstream medications. For many it works better than pharmaceuticals.

The most extensive study showed a median of 36.6% of patients having reduced motor seizures. This is the same rate as traditional medical options.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of natural remedies for epilepsy

Not About Getting High

Many people think marijuana is all about getting high. The problem is they focus on the wrong compound of cannabis.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) causes the euphoric feeling associated with marijuana. This is not where most of the medical benefits of cannabis are concentrated.

Another major compound found in cannabis is CBD. It doesn’t produce a high but can reduce seizure activity. It’s known to have antipsychotic properties.

CBD doesn’t have the adverse effects associated with THC. There are not the same risks of cognitive delay or mental impairment. CBD is not addictive like THC.

CBD and THC tend to have an inverse existence. Strains of marijuana with high THC have low CBD and vice versa. For many conditions, a combination of the two compounds can be most beneficial.

Natural Remedies for Epilepsy Such as Dravet Syndrome

Drug-resistant seizures associated with Dravet Syndrome respond to CBD treatments. Children who suffer from Dravet Syndrome experience multiple seizures throughout the day. Sometimes they’re continuous for long periods of time.

One study found 62% of caregivers saw significant improvement in their child’s condition. Children receiving CBD therapy saw seizures reduced from 12.4 to 5.9 per month.

Approximately 30% of epilepsy patients suffer from drug-resistant seizures. More than 100 research papers have shown the benefits of cannabinoids on seizures.

The 19th U.S. General Surgeon, Vivek Murthy, admits marijuana helps some conditions.

After more than 70 years of vilification, cannabis is making a comeback. Medical professionals around the world support it as a treatment for several conditions.

THC and Cannabinoids: Natural Remedies for Epilepsy and So Much More

THC is often used for reducing nausea and increasing appetite. This is helpful for those facing cancer treatments. It is also effective for many struggling with an eating disorder.

It can reduce pain and inflammation with fewer side effects than painkillers. It can reduce spasms and cramps.

The National Institute of Mental Health found THC and CBD are both antioxidants.
Glaucoma symptoms lessen with marijuana. It relieves the nerve pressure behind the eye. The drug may slow progression of the disease and even prevent blindness.

Autoimmune diseases have shown promising responses to THC and CBD. Symptoms of conditions like systemic lupus respond to their use.

Crohn’s disease and other gastrointestinal complaints responded well to treatment in recent studies.

Tremors and spasms from Parkinson’s disease or MS show improvement with cannabis treatment.

PTSD, anxiety disorders and other psychiatric conditions show improvement with CBD/THC treatment.

Lung capacity may increase by marijuana use. Damage done by smoking cigarettes is even reduced by cannabis.

Natural remedies for epilepsy and other conditions provide relief from medication side effects.

It Doesn’t Have to Go Up in Smoke

You don’t have to smoke a joint for the benefits of THC or CBD as natural remedies for epilepsy.

There are many less obtrusive forms of cannabis treatment:


Some are similar to e-cigarettes. This allows you to get treatment benefits without harms associated with smoking it. You inhale the THC/CBD vapor into your lungs.

There are also table/room vaporizers available. The Government of Canada endorses these acceptable forms of treatment for several conditions.

Capsules, Oils, and Tinctures

Many people like that cannabis capsules are now available. Capsules allow you to know the precise dosage.

Oils are for ingestion or simply dropped on the tongue. It’s easy to add oils to food and beverages. They are a popular choice for palliative and younger patients who cannot or do not wish to smoke it.

Tinctures are high concentrations made in an alcohol solution. This potent liquid is often used the same as oils.


While the government doesn’t fill prescriptions in edibles, they are a popular choice.

Dozens of edible options are available. Some of the most popular choices are:

  • suckers, gummies, and candies
  • brownies and baked goods
  • cannabis infused olive oil and cannabis butter to use in recipes
  • infused beverages such as pop, coffee, water, and juice
  • cereals, nuts, and pasta sauce
  • toffee, marshmallows, and chocolate bars

The possibilities are endless for edible marijuana. They are often used as natural remedies for epilepsy and other conditions.

Dosage Depends on the Individual

There are no specific dosage recommendations. Patients and medical professionals must find the right dose for the right effects. This is often done by trial and error.

Health Canada states the average patient uses one to three grams a day for effective results.

The method of ingestion and condition treated will affect the amount needed.

Smoking is the least effective way to use medicinal marijuana. Only 20-25% of THC/CBD make it in your body when smoked. It is also the most harmful method of ingestion.

The strain and the desired effect will influence the dose and form used. Some strains will have a sedative effect while others have more stimulating properties.

High CBD strains will be more calming for the patient. THC will cause a more euphoric or stoned sensation.

The form of ingestion will impact how long it takes for the medicine to help and how long it will last.

It will take edibles and oils longer to take effect than smoking or vaping. The effects will last longer and may be more comprehensive when taken by mouth.

It can take an hour or longer to feel the benefits of cannabis oils. The peak benefits will be felt 2-4 hours later.

This is Your Brain on Drugs and It’s Better

Natural remedies for epilepsy can be an answer to prayers and relieve frustration.

Medical marijuana can have a positive impact. Especially for those suffering from brain disorders and conditions. PTSD, sleep disorders, Parkinson’s, and epilepsy can all be treated with THC/CBD.

You are not restricted to the myriad of pharmaceuticals from a lab. You can opt for natural remedies for epilepsy and other conditions.

Set up a consultation and discuss whether this is the right treatment option for you.